Common Mattress Questions

We follow North American mattress industry sizing standards, but please note that the handmade nature of Haven production allows for 3/4" of sizing variation.

Twin 38" x 74" (ideal as a youth bed)

Twin XL 38" x 79" (ideal for a tall single sleeper, or use 2 of them together for a Split King size)

Full 53" x 74" (ideal for a single sleeper + pet)

Queen 60" x 79" (ideal for dual sleepers)

King 76" x 79" (ideal for dual sleepers + pet)

California King 72" x 84" (ideal for tall dual sleepers)

All Havens are made fresh in our Canadian production facilities, and compressed, rolled, and boxed for delivery. This process keeps shipping extremely efficient and convenient!

ALL Sizes Foam Mattresses Box Dimensions -

43" x 19" x 19"

Hybrid Mattresses Box Dimensions -

Twin/Twin XL - 43" x 16" x 16"
Double (Full) - 58" x 16" x 16"
Queen/RV Queen - 64" x 16" x 16"
King/Cali King/RV King - 81" x 16" x 16"


Twin/Twin XL - 35 lbs
Full (Double) - 52 lbs
Queen/RV Queen - 58 lbs

AirFlow Plus

Twin/Twin XL - 40 lbs
Full (Double) - 46 lbs
Queen/RV Queen - 61 lbs
King/Cali King/Rv King - 71 lbs


Twin/Twin XL - 50 lbs
Full (Double) - 77 lbs
Queen/RV Queen - 83 lbs
King/Cali King/Rv King - 96 lbs


Twin/Twin XL - 50 lbs
Full (Double) - 65 lbs
Queen/RV Queen - 88 lbs
King/Cali King/Rv King - 118 lbs

LUX Hybrid

Twin/Twin XL - 74 lbs
Full (Double) - 91 lbs
Queen/RV Queen - 100 lbs
King/Cali King/Rv King - 126 lbs

We offer range of firmness and contouring across a range of our most popular mattresses.

 We use High Density Bio foam as it is very firm. This is ideal for additional support that's needed for proper spine alignment for side sleepers and contouring for back sleepers. This works in harmony with the innerspring coils found in our 14" LUX. Our comfort layers are all soft and engineered for contouring, cooling and improving the overall feel of our bed. These layers are designed to give you just enough bounce and flex.

Learn more (65 sec. video)

No, your  Haven mattress is not designed with a top and a bottom side-there are layers of specialty and SleepDeep HD Gel Foam that wouldn’t be taken advantage of if the mattress was flipped. You should however rotate the mattress 180 degrees every six months.

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Cover features premium fabric woven in Canada that contains Natural Bamboo content, and STA-Cool Moisture Management Technology. STA-Cool transports moisture away from the body helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature for a more restful sleep.

Talalay latex is used in our luxury mattresses. Natural and derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, Talalay is supportive, cushioning, and highly breathable. Latex toppers offer a pinhole design that allows air to move freely, creating a cooler sleep environment. Further they are flexible, resilient and long lasting. The open cellular structure of Talalay latex is unique, offering optimal ventilation. It directs moisture and heat away from the body, helping you sleep better, healthier and more hygienically. Talalay also provides superior spot elasticity, resulting in optimal support that relieves your body’s pressure points.

SleepDeep HD Gel Foam is used in all of our mattresses. This conforming Visco memory foam combines the finest properties of softness and resilience of superior high density gel infused foam, helping you to maintain body temperature during sleep.

EcoFoam used in all of our mattresses provides resilience’s and long lasting support. Made with soy based gel foam, giving you a comfortable sleep while offering an improved commitment to the environment.

Support Layers The 10' used HD foam for structure, The 14" LUX used 2,400 pocket coils.

Haven is a modern specialty foam-based mattress, engineered using contemporary Plant-based memory type foams, Visco memory foam, and our luxury models are also topped with natural Talalay latex. All Havens fitted with a cover made from plush textiles embedded with natural Bamboo content.

In summary, amazing support and the top layer softness to contour and support your shapes.

Pocket coils have become the industry standard for lowering pressure points and providing good support. The industry average for coil counts in North America is 800 coils in a queen size. 

The Haven Lux Hybrid Pillowtop is designed to reduce motion transfer and better contour your pointed parts. With a back supporting 2,400 coils. No other on-line mattress compares.

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Haven is Canada's first on-line retailer to deliver to you your choice of an all-foam or coil hybrid mattress types. 

In general terms, stick to what you know and enjoy. If you love the high-end coil beds of nice hotels pick the LUX Hybrid Pillowtop. If your best sleeps have come from the enveloped feeling of foam, go with the LUX Rejuvenate.

Learn more (48 sec video.)

We have engineered the top layers of Haven to be well vented for cooling and comfort. Be careful when selecting a protector to ensure it works with these technologies. Haven standard protectors are available in our bedding section.

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You can spot clean the cover with a mild detergent and water.

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Building a mattress that can be comfortable and supportive at the same time is a challenge. It takes more than just density to achieve our engineering goals. Our Haven design and engineering team is not a start-up. We have over 30 years of mattress industry expertise designing mattress for some of the most expensive beds sold in stores. 

Here we see how the 3 materials in the top layers react differently when an small load of energy is dropped.

#1 HD core bounces at first and slowly absorbs the weight. This is the support you feel 

#2 The transition layer is ultra- slow response and absorbs the force bounce

#3 The top layer of natural, vented latex is all about contouring and bounce. 

Most importantly these layers work in harmony to deliver a contouring and comfortable mattress that is very supportive.

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Personal preferences rule the day. All foam type beds tend to be superior for motion transfer isolation. This deadening or dampening can provide a firm resistance. In contrast, hybrid mattresses have a kinetic advantage. As the spring is compressed it stores energy to be released. That suspension feeling of a coil type mattress offers more bounce and range of motion travel.

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1" of natural vented Latex, infused with Copper top, 

5" High Density firm Support layer.

Learn more (57 sec. video)

A hybrid combines the advantages of an all-foam mattress with the feel and spring of a conventional innerspring mattress. Using all natural foams and latex we produce and more natural and healthy product than a traditional coil bed.

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Delivery & Shipping

Your Haven mattress will be made fresh to order. We strive to have your Haven shipped within 3-5 business days of your order. You will receive a Fedex tracking code allowing you to go online and check on your delivery. Delivery partners generally will not deliver a Haven over weekends. Depending on where you live in Canada, your Haven will take 1-5 business days to ship.

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Packaging and shipping expenses are generally on us. We pay the the cost to deliver to the 10 Provinces of Canada! 

Territories require a shipping surcharge. For a custom quote far North, Please email for a postal code specific quote. We will always work with you to make Havens ultimate sleeping experience easy and affordable.

All our sleep items are delivered by FedEx and Canada Post up to your front door. For safety (OH&S) reasons they're not allowed to enter your home. If you think you'll struggle with the bigger or heavier boxes, we recommend inviting someone over to help.

Due to the high value of Haven sleep products, we insure each product, and require a signature from an adult at your shipping address.
However, COVID-19 protocols have changed policies, so now delivery partners may decide to drop off packages without handing it to a resident, or requiring a signature.

We ship to the 10 provinces in Canada. Not all rural addresses are covered by third party transport partners. If you have "to door" deliveries in the past, you should be good. For those not on a delivery route, arrangements can be made to have your Haven delivered in its box to a depot near to you for pick-up.  

Yukon and  Territories require a postal code specific delivery surcharge.

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The Yukon and Territories require a shipping surcharge. For a custom quote far North, Please email for a postal code specific quote. We will always work with you to make Havens ultimate sleeping experience easy and affordable.

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Since we sell online and use FedEx for delivery we are unable to offer this service directly, however, we can help!

Here are some great options for old mattress removal:

If there is still some life left in it, try listing it on a local Shop & Swap or Facebook Marketplace for free. This keeps it out of the landfill, helps someone in need, and won't cost you anything!

If it has seen better days, try a national waste removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

If you are having trouble reach out to us at or 1-844-694-2836. We are always happy to help!

Open the box! We will provide in your Haven box an insert with simple 1, 2, 3 instructions or watch this quick video on youtube. If you have any questions in regards to this process just give us a call +1-844-MYHAVEN and we can walk you though it - easy peasy! 

Even better, Post your pictures or video of you opening your new Haven. Our social channels can make you famous and it's always a joy for us to see and share!

Returns & Exchanges

We fully understand the need to “try before you buy”. At Haven we are confident that you will be sweet dreaming the nights away during your 100 Night Risk Free Trial. Our belief is that you will find Haven just perfect for you. From the comfort of your own home it will be easier to tell from a few weeks than a few minutes in a showroom. Also by removing the showroom experience we are able to make your sleep dollar go way further. Shop better, Sleep Better.

Yes, we ask you to try the product for a minimum 30 days, this is to give your body adequate time to adjust. If you just can't adjust to your Haven we will come and take it away and refund you fully for the mattress. You will only be refunded the purchase price of the mattress and the taxes. All Haven mattresses come with a 100-night trial (Custom orders and RV's do not qualify). Pillow purchases come with a 30-night trial. Bed frames and Bedface bedding items are not refundable. 

Haven accepts only undamaged and stain-free mattress in a donatable condition. Please disclose any deficiencies to one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-844-MYHAVEN.

Learn more (25 sec. video)

We recommend committing to your Haven for a minimum of 30 days. Your body needs time to adjust to a having a firmer and more supportive surface. If you still are not happy, email our support team at Or call one of our Customer Service Representatives at +1-844-MYHAVEN and they will discuss the return with you. We attempt to arrange a reasonable response time to pick-ups, but full size mattresses often require more time to coordinate depending on areas. 

NOTE* only one mattress return per household.

Remote and rural communities may not be within our charity donation pick up zones. Once authorized with customer service, you may handle the donation independently, and obtain your refund by providing proof of donation.

For Northern deliveries, any areas above latitude will require you to return the mattress to the factory of origin when pursuing a return or exchange within a 100 night sleep trial.

Moving to a new sleep surface is easy for most but some folks will require an adjustment period. Knowing that your body may feel some aches and pains during this transition we do not process comfort returns during the first 30 days.

 If you consider yourself a fussy mattress person, we recommend shopping only in-stores. We do not re-sell returned mattresses so its wasteful to order online unless you have a reasonable chance to be satisfied with a high quality bed.

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Depending on the temperature at which your mattress was shipped, it may take several hours to a day to reach room temperature. It is normal to experience a break-in period where you adjust to the mattress, and soften the upper surface. It is advised to give your body at least a month to get used to the feel of any new mattress.

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All foam in your Haven is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are:

Made without ozone depletes
Made without PBDE flame retardants
Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
Made without formaldehyde
Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
Certified to have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
CertiPUR-US is a non-profit organization that performs independent lab testing to verify a foam’s compliance with their specifications.

Haven are hypo-allergenic and ultra-low scent. We do wrap them in commercial grade plastic for safe transport. There may be a slight scent that will quickly dissipate after unpacking your mattress.

We use water-based adhesives to bond the foam and latex layers together. Being made to order, your Haven may still have a slight degree of dry time required. During that time a slight scent may be detectable. This material is 100% vegan, safe and food grade quality.  

We only use CertiPUR-US certified specialty foams to ensure safety and to minimize the odour of the new mattress.  This third party certification ensures your Haven will feature No Off Gassing. So breathe easy its safe to sleep on right away.

Learn more (22 sec. video)

Many folks prefer the natural materials of Haven for their ability to prevent bed bug nests. The density of our foams and latex make a poor breeding ground for these un-welcomed guests.

Learn more (16 sec. video)

Your Haven mattress cannot be rolled and compressed again, so unfortunately you cannot place back in the beautiful box. If you are re-locating it, watch our Youtube channel for how-to tips.

Learn more (15 sec. video)

If it arrives in Winter, once your mattress approaches room temperature, you can sleep on your new Haven right away. Sweet dreams!

Your Haven is designed to work with new box springs, slatted frames, or with it sitting on the floor. Essentially a flat, firm surface is required. 

All Haven mattresses can also be used on an adjustable bed frame however, should always be placed in the flat position when not in use.

We also offer a SNAP base system that ships direct to you in a few days. Assembles without tools in a matter of minutes.

Note: The Haven is not meant to sit on a bare metal bed frame without the proper support, and this will cause damage to your mattress.

Learn more (44 sec. video)

The long-term health benefits of proper spine alignment may require 4-6 weeks to take full effect. Haven were designed with the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Your body will need time and exposure to having firm support below and contouring softness on top. Some first-time Haven sleepers report initial discomfort during the first few weeks as their body adjusts. These same folks have become some of our most raving fans. For this reason, we do not accept returns during the first 30 days. During this period any discomfort is less about the product and more about the sleepers natural adjustment. Like many things that are good for you, it takes a little short-term pain to experience long-term gain.

Billing & Payments

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Amex, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, Interac, PayBright and Sezzle Financing. We operate online, so unfortunately we cannot accept cash.

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Haven offers a no fine print 0% finance option through our banking partners at Pay Bright. Select PAYBRIGHT as a payment option during check-out. Not all promos are stackable with 0% finance. A quick credit check will happen on-line and your order will be processed right away. Your total purchase will be repaid interest free (OAC) over 6 equal payments charged to your credit card

If you do need to cancel your finance contract a $150 bank admin fee is applied. This fee covers the setup and cancel finance contracts at 0% without recouping some of the administration costs.

Learn more (6 sec. video)

Our zero percent finance option is financially supported by Haven and administered by a 3rd party lender. As a result, any returns that were financed do have a $150 cancellation fee.

Learn more (19 sec. video)

Without the overhead expense of warehouses, distribution centres, commissioned salespeople or brick and mortar retail stores through vertical integration Haven is able to deliver direct to you a superior quality mattress at an amazing everyday price.

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Haven Mattress offers a Limited Warranty. Please see terms and conditions in the warranty section.

Bedface Bedding - No warranty provided.

Snap Base Support System - 4 years parts replacement only.

6" Haven Jr. mattress - 4 year limited warranty with 100 night comfort trial.

8" Recharge - 4 year limited warranty with 100 night comfort trial.

10" Rejuvenate mattress 10 year limited warranty with 100 night comfort trial.

12" Hybrid Eurotop 10 year limited warranty with 100 night comfort trial.

14" LUX Hybrid mattress 10 year limited warranty with a 100-night comfort trial.

Learn more (17 sec. video)

No warranty provided.

3 year full coverage (parts and labour), 4-5 parts coverage, 6-10 steel frame is covered.

Not everyone sleeps the same. That's why we give you 100 nights to try your first Haven out. Some folks have found adding an additional layer of a mattress pad to the Haven allows them to fine tune the comfort (firm or soft).

These currently are offered by other suppliers. In time Haven will offer these tuning layers directly. It is common for your body to develop aches and discomfort as it adjusts to a new level of support. Please give it time. Like all good things, it may take a little effort at first.

Bedface Sheets

Bedface has removed the unnecessary layers in the traditional bedding retail process, working directly with a few select makers. Through this, we are able to pass along the savings to our customers. To learn more, check out our About section.

We never thought our sheets would take off as fast as they did. We have been so lucky, but in this whirlwind we sold sheets much faster than we ever expected. What back-order means is that we have temporarily sold out of that specific size and/or colour. Don't worry though! We already have our sewers making new sheets sets as you read this. When you purchase back-ordered sheets, we are reserving those for you and will be shipping them to you as soon as they land. Thank you for supporting our dream to change the way people sleep, without customers like you we wouldn't exist.

We want to provide our customers with a few easy to coordinate colors to choose from, This way your neutral colored Bedface items will complement any decor and won't go out of fashion in time. You need only update the accessories to keep your bed exactly how you want it.

All Bedface bedding is designed using our Facetech™ cotton, developed with quality, breathability, comfort, and durability in mind. Facetech™ is made of 100% cotton and has a matte finish. It is slightly thicker and more textured than traditional bedding giving it an artisan quality.

We recommend washing in cold water and then tumble drying on low heat. Our sheets come prewashed, and ready for sleep.

Bedface products ship from our Worldwide Headquarters in Kelowna BC, Canada or our Haven mattress production locations in Calgary AB and Mississauga ON.

Bedface offers bedding sizes to fit: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cali King.

All in-stock orders are shipped out within 24 to 48 hours. That gives us just enough time to package it with love.

From the ship date, it usually takes approximately 3-6 business days. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. Please note that you will not pay any duties or taxes upon delivery.

Thread count is largely a marketing ploy and isn't actually the best way to determine the quality of your sheets. That's why we don't include it in our descriptions. To learn more about thread count and what you should look for in your sheets, read our blog post on The Thread Count Myth here.

The washing and maintenance methods of real silk and imitated silk are similar, as follows:

1. Wash

It is recommended to wash as little as possible. If you really need to wash, please use silk detergent to wash in cold water, ease hand washing, and remember not to rub too much!

2. Drying

After washing, lay it flat on a dry towel, use a dry towel to absorb water, roll up the product and press dry before drying, do not wring it out, do not expose it to the sun.

3. Ironing

If you feel a little wrinkled after drying, lay a layer of cloth on the product and iron it with a steam iron, being careful not to press to avoid the filling being pressed together.

4. Store

Store in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, do not place mothballs, store in a storage bag, and avoid direct contact with sharp hard objects.

Adjustable Bed Base

Your Adjustable Base will ship out usually within 2-3 business days. It does come in a separate box from the mattress and you will be provided a tracking number for your shipment.

Nightstand, which is available for both iOS and Android, does everything the remote does and more. You can save an unlimited number of favorite bed positions, including massage settings, to supplement what’s on your remote. You can also combine all your favorite settings into one long routine, and save that into one setting that goes off in the morning or at bedtime. Another customer favorite is to set an alarm for the bed to raise, with massage, in the morning for a gentle nudge to wake up. Please note that you must have a Reverie 400 with Bluetooth module in order to use the app.

Probably, but not always. Our sleep systems and power beds are designed to fit within most modern bed frames, depending on the height of the lip and inner bed rails. That is one of the reasons we include modular legs. For a guide on how to measure, click here. If you have any questions at all, call us. Remember that your Reverie Base is not returnable, so you want to be sure of this before ordering. detail as possible for your customers.

Try fresh batteries in your remote.

Occasionally the remote will lose connection with your bed, for various reasons, including if you are using the smartphone app. This is easily restored. First, try allowing your remote to go back to sleep by setting it down. When you pick the remote up and wake it back up, it should automatically connect to the bed it was last paired with. To pair (or reconnect) the bed with your remote, hold down the lightbulb icon toward the middle of your remote. If you have a Split King, for each remote, hold it down twice.

Sync/pair/connect each remote to its respective side twice. Follow the instructions above for syncing your remote; find the sync button on your control module under the bed and hold it down until the light turns green.

See remote instructions and also Q&A above to make sure your remote has working batteries and also synced with your bed. If it is, then first check your power outlet where the bed is plugged in to make sure it is working. A lamp is a great way to test this. If you have power, then check the red light on your bed’s control box to make sure that it is on. If not, then check the fuses (link to fuse replacement instructions) on your bed’s control box to make sure none of them has come loose. If you’re not sure where the control box is located, or need further help, call us at 800.973.8374.


We offer a direct to consumer distribution channel without the indulgent showrooms, commissioned sales folks, large warehousing and distribution expenses. This saves our Haven customers hundreds and thousands of dollars off of a like quality bed found in retail stores. 

We also offer a price integrity program that ensures regardless of when you buy. Haven products are selling on-line at an everyday low price.

Click here to compare Chiropractor Approved Mattresses.

Cruelty-free means that the dies and adhesives we use do not contain animal products or are tested on animals. using plant-based latex and foams has an important impact to off-gassing of a mattress. Also when the life of Haven is over, these materials are much easier to recycle or break down in a landfill compares to 100% polyurethane that dominates the market

Many other mattresses may contain: wool, silk, horse hair, animal filler adhesives . When you know better, you do better.

Learn more (48 sec. video)

Our mattresses are mostly hand made in Mississauga Ontario and Calgary Alberta, Canada by highly skilled craftsmen using top-quality materials that are also sourced in Canada. . We are also careful to keep the raw materials on hand for our fastest selling models. This way we make every Haven fresh, almost to order, not sitting for months dusty in a warehouse.

Our driving mission is "to improve the quality of sleep for all". That includes the athlete looking to improve recovery times. It's the family that wants the best for their generation and the next. It also includes those among us, less fortunate that would be trilled to have just a basic bed to call theirs. We all deserve an upgrade.

Haven is Canada's first wellness mattress company and the first to donate to charity as a social impact company. For each 10 sold you help us donate 1 to charity. All mattress companies donate damaged or returned items to charity when possible. The 10:1 mission goes deeper as these are purpose built for the requirements of a shelter.

Learn more (29 sec. video)

Havens do not contain chemical fire retardants or the chemical sock required by USA laws.

Learn more (22 sec. video)

For every 10 mattresses that are purchased, we will donate a purpose built mattress to a shelter, registered charity. Learn more about our #SafeHaven promise!