Pair of  2 Bedface CERAMO Air Memory Foam Pillow powered by Blu Sleep
$444.00 CAD$319.99 CAD

    Bio-Ceramic Cooling Gel Coating provides a cooler than room temperature to the touch. Bio ceramics are clinically linked to improving oxygen levels in the blood using Infrared light recovery. Excess light energy is collected by minerals in the pillow core that are recycled back into the body as higher oxygen content in cells. This can be linked to a faster recovery time for cells that improve circulation in the body. 

    Air Memory foam technology allows air to pass through it which means the pillow is machine washable and dryer safe. The soft foam is comfortable but also super supportive. The breathable foam keeps air flowing to help you sleep through the night. 

    • An aerated open-cell structure like all Haven mattresses
    • Antimicrobial and cooling cover
    • Lavable en machine et séchable au sèche-linge
    • Certification de qualité Oeko-Tex 100
    • Mousses en Italie,  couverture fabriquée au Canada dans des conditions équitables
    • Vegan et sans cruauté

      Includes a 30 day comfort trial.

      Un retour d'oreiller par foyer. Veuillez envisager d'en commander un avant d'en commander plusieurs. Nous et la planète vous remercions de minimiser les déchets.

      Measurements: 26.3" x 16.5" x 5.9"

      Bundle a mattress with your pillows & save $300.00!

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